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Artists who will perform at Moonlight Festival 2011 :


The band formed after Steve Naghavi and Chris Ruiz met in 1989 at a Berlin club. Being fans of early EBM music, Naghavi and Ruiz decided to follow in the footsteps of New Wave/synthpop band Depeche Mode by using two keyboards and a beatbox. Jason Ankeny of Allmusic called their 1990 single, "Metal Hammer", a "significant club hit".[1] The duo became a trio with the addition of Alex Two, prior to the release of their debut album, Anguish in 1991. That same year, they were honored as the Best New Artist in Germany Going into the release of Anguish they had already garnered a decent following through touring and appearances at various parties. With their debut release they took home the "Best New Artist" award in Germany in 1991. Chris Ruiz left in 1992 (he would later return in 2001) while Steve Naghavi remained with the band. AND ONE released three more albums with Machinery Records, Flop! (1992), Spot (1993) and I.S.T. (1994). The band left Machinery around 1996–1997 and signed to Virgin Schallplatten. AND ONE would release four albums on this label between 1997 and 2003: Nordhausen (1997), 9.9.99 9 Uhr (1998), Virgin Superstar (2000) and Aggressor (2003). The next AND ONE album, Bodypop, was released on 1 September 2006 by Out of Line in Europe and on 7 November 2006 on Metropolis Records in the US. The single "Military Fashion Show" preceded the album. The band pulled out of their 2007 US tour with VNV Nation for unknown reasons. In November 2007 And One announced the release of Bodypop 1½[4], an EP with covers of songs by Depeche Mode ("Never Let Me Down Again"), Front 242 ("Operating Tracks"), D.A.F. ("Der Mussolini"), Nitzer Ebb ("I Give to You") and The Cure ("Kyoto Song"). Three weeks later, the EP was cancelled and a full length cover album announced.[5] The album was finally released on 30 January 2009, but with a completely different track listing, featuring live cover versions of various synthpop hits such as New Order's "Blue Monday" and Pet Shop Boys' hit "It's a Sin". The band's latest album, Tanzomat was released on March 4, 2011. A single, Zerstörer was released on January 21 prior to the album, but is not included on the album. On June 4, 2011 Chris Ruiz and Gio van Oli announced they were leaving AND ONE and formed a new band entitled PAKT. Four days later, on June 8th 2011, Steve Naghavi announced the return of both Joke Jay and Rick Schah via the band's official Facebook page.

World premiere show with the new line up with Steve Naghavi on stage with 3 keyboard's players.


Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft (German pronunciation:or D.A.F. is an influential German electropunk/NDW band from Düsseldorf, formed in 1978 featuring Gabriel "Gabi" Delgado-López (vocals), Robert Görl (drums, percussion, electronic instruments), Kurt "Pyrolator" Dahlke (electronic instruments), Michael Kemner (bass-guitar) and Wolfgang Spelmans (guitar). Kurt Dahlke was replaced by Chrislo Haas (electronic instruments, bass-guitar, saxophone) in 1979.
D.A.F.'s most famous songs[clarification needed] are "Kebabträume" and the grimly sarcastic "Der Mussolini" from the album "Alles ist gut", a pulsing dance song. The lyrics "Dance the Mussolini, move your behind, clap your hands, and now the Adolf Hitler, and now the Jesus Christ", caused a scandal[citation needed].
In interviews they claimed to not target anything or anyone specific while creating lyrics to be taken as a parody of words and phrases floating around in the public media. "Sato-Sato" and "Der Mussolini" are both examples of songs written around Delgado-López's fascination with the sound of a particular word. A few months before the 2003 invasion of Iraq D.A.F. released "The Sheriff (An Anti-American Song)".
The album "Alles ist gut" (Everything is fine) received the German "Schallplattenpreis" award by the "Deutsche Phono-Akademie", an association of the German recording industry.
In 2007 DAF partially reformed under the name DAF.Partei with Thoralf Dietrich (from Jäger 90) replacing Gabi Delgado as lead singer
In 2010 the band, consisting of Gabi Delgado-López and Robert Görl, has returned with the new single 'Du Bist DAF', limited to 2010 copies.



After The Future ended a group that evolved into the Human Leaugue, Adi Newton Founded the group ClockDVA with Steven John Turner aka Jud. The Name ClockDVA was devised and based on two elements the first element the symbolic representation of Time, The Clock, a mechanical machine developed to chronologically measure the quadrants of solar and lunar movements developed throughout evolution and recently found to pre date our previous theories of its origination. The idea inherent in Horology is concerned with quantum mechanics and astro physics as well as Magick & Surrealism ,The Roto, Taro cyclic wheel of eternal reoccurrence. The Second element is the Russian / nadsat term found in the glossary of Anthony Burges Clockwork Orange, DVA which equals the number 2 / TWO and this element is based on numerology, the kabalistic system of numbers that hold the mathematical formula and meanings behind all words. The sum of AVD or AUD is 11 which is the master number and the number of Magick,or energy tending to change,DVA is the reversal of AVD, Black Light.
The mission of DVA was and still is to push the envelope of sonic and visual mediums, so as to effect the psyche and psycho physiological by experimentation and Research and development of Sound and visual mediums, Influenced by the Ideas of Marcel Duchamp,Man Ray, J G Ballard ,De Sade ,R. Buckminster Fuller ,
Aleister Crowley, R D Lang,Jonn C Lilly, Gustave Fechner and a myriad of others, From the first performance of Dva visual information was utilised in the form of Film and slide projections these visual mediums along with artwork for sleeves where integral to the concepts and the corresponding Sound, Film was treated as an equal discipline not merely as a lightshow for stage work over the years and the use of Film and Video developed within DVA and TAG , resulting in a number of films that are foremost Film / Visual works,” I have always had a strong interest in Film from the pioneering works of Eisenstein, Abel Gance ,Hans Richter,Man Ray to the pioneering work of Maya Deren. And the Expanded Cinema of the late 50's / 60's Jordan Belson, John Stehura, Stan Brackhage, Jack Smith, Bruce Conner and Kenneth Anger.“ (Adi Newton 1988.)
DVA began by developing experimental material and recording all of their sound experiments using chance and
aleatory methods as a Magickal process to build up a large archive of recordings. At this stage DVA employed
around 7 Open reel to reel Tape recorders , Some used as loop playback devices and the other tape recorders
used as just tape playback ,a main Open Reel was employed as a master recorder, all of these archival
recordings have over the last few years been digitally transferred and archived and a collection of this material
has been edited and digitally mastered and will be released by The German specialist label Vinyl on Demand in a 6 album Metal Box with Hard back Book entitled HOROLOGY an edited version will also be included in the 8 CD DVA MUTE CD Album BOX SET as “Horology 2 ” which includes a 150 page document, Horology represents the first ClockDVA recordings. The original ClockDVA sound is very electronic nearer to Buried Dreams and the recently unreleased Harmonia with Eno album Tracks & Traces 1976. and Neu, Suicide, Throbbing Gristle, Coil, with shades of early electronic pioneers such as Walter/Wendy Carlos, John Cage, Pierre Schaefer, Stockhausen, Earle Brown. Both these recordings are due for release in SEPT/ OCT 2011. Work on new material for a brand new studio Album is already in progress but will be produced and released in the first quarter of 2012, A series of live shows are planned in OCT/NOV/DEC of 2011. DVA AND TAGC are also releasing material via their production label ANTERIORRESEARCH.COM see site for full details of all DVA /TAGC releases plus an extensive archive of material from all projects.
There is something about the introspectiveness and experimentation on Clock DVA’s art that is really fascinating. The obscure perspective was unique - especially on “Buried Dreams”, among the highest standards for avant-garde electronic music albums ever.
It’s amazing how this English formation could blend the tastes of minimal (“Transitional Voices”, “Sound Mirror”), experimental (“Sonology Of Sex”, “The Unseen”), introspectiveness (“The Reign, Velvet Realm”), with sensuality (on “Buried Dreams”, the most sexy vanguardist music you could imagine), melted with a natural sense of darkness. “Transitional Voices” and “The Reign” were real dancefloor anthems on the underground Industrial / EBM clubs in São Paulo in 1990-1991, thanks to connoisseurs such as DJ Magal and Mellão from Muzik. Clock DVA remains an essential Electronic Act of the Avant-Garde Electronica, just like groups such as Cabaret Voltaire, Klinik, Tangerine Dream, Model 500, Kraftwerk & Riuichi Sakamoto.
Alain Patrick 1990

ClockDVATV on YouTube



UK Decay are Luton-based positive punk (the precursory term for gothic rock) band, formed out of the ashes of another local band called The Resistors, who were Steven Abbot (Abbo) guitar, Steve Harle on drums, Paul Wilson vocals, and Martin (Segovia) Smith bass.
The Resistors formed in 1978, after Paul Wilson left during the spring of 1979, the remaining band members changed their name and released the ‘Split Single’ 7” in partnership with local band Pneumania on their own Plastic Records label, under the new name UK Decay. There were two tracks from each band, with UK Decay contributing "UK Decay" and "Car Crash", and Pneumania "Exhibition" and "Coming Attack". The 'Split Single' sold extremely well, mainly thanks to a damning review in the NME, whose Danny Baker and Charles Shaar Murray described them as "one of the worst punk bands of all time".[1] At the same time, some of the band produced their own monthly fanzine The Suss,[1] and ran their own punk record and clothes shop, 'Matrix'. Guitarist Steve Spon was poached from Pneumania, allowing Abbo to concentrate on frontman duties.

The next release for Plastic Records was the band's Black Cat EP, which came out in early 1980 and made the UK Indie Chart for three weeks, getting to No. 42. Alex Howe from Fresh Records offered to license the first two singles off them and signed UK Decay to the label for several new 7"s and an album. It was around this time that UK Decay played their first out-of-town gig, with Bauhaus, at the Northampton Racecourse Pavilion.

The first official release for Fresh was the single "For My Country" in September 1980, which got airplay from John Peel (for whom they would record two sessions) and spent eight months in the indie chart reaching No. 13. The single was promoted by a major UK tour with raging political punk band, Dead Kennedys. By 1981 two further singles, "Unexpected Guest" and "Sexual", had also been released, the former actually achieving the band’s highest Indie chart placing of No. 4, and paving the way for UK Decay’s debut album, For Madmen Only, released by Fresh Records in December 1981.

The band had taken a year in recording, after delays caused by taking time out for a US tour and further frustrations with finding a permanent bass player. After Segovia left, Lorraine 'Lol' Turvey from The Statics stood in for some UK dates and a European tour in early 1981. For the US and subsequent UK tours in Spring 81 Creetin K-Os (of US punks Social Unrest) stood in. Following that stint he returned home and Eddie 'Dutch' Branch (AKA 'Twiggy') from Northampton joined on bass, just in time to finish the album.

In early 1982, Fresh Records collapsed soon after the album's release, and the band were caught up in the ensuing management buy-out by what would become Jungle Records. With the help of John Loder and Southern Studios, however, they managed to buy up the rights to their back catalogue and set up their own UK Decay Records. John Loder also introduced them to Penny Rimbaud from Crass, which resulted in the Rising From The Dead 12" coming out on Crass's Corpus Christi label in August 1982. However, despite a strong showing in the independent charts and an ever-expanding fanbase, UK Decay split up in December 1982. A posthumous live album, A Night For Celebration, was released during the summer of 1983.

Abbo, Steve Harle and Eddie Branch would regroup with new guitarist Albie de Luca (formerly of Gene Loves Jezebel) as Furyo in mid-1983, releasing two mini-albums through the following year and recording an unreleased album before splitting again in early 1985. While Spon went on to form In Exclesis with former members of Ritual, releasing various singles and an album on Jungle Records.

UK Decay were arguably a major influence on an emerging wave of bands such as The Sisters of Mercy, Sex Gang Children and Southern Death Cult. These bands together spawned the emerging postpunk and Goth movements that still resonate today. UK Decay had a major role in developing these scenes, but had ceased to exist by the time these other bands started getting serious press coverage and sales. CD re-issues of the band's music have recently become available through their official website.
[edit] UK Decay Now

In 2008 UK Decay reformed for a reunion gig in the UK and to headline the legendary Drop Dead Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. This has led to further bookings, including a short tour of Italy in April 2009 and an appearance on Sunday 9 August 2009 at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, UK. Early 2009 will also see the reissue of the For Madmen Only album, the Rising from the Dead 12" and other singles on CD and download.



Rosa Crux is a Gothic music band coming from the scene of Rouen.
Their style is dark, melancholy, and sometimes quite martial ritual. They sing in Latin.

Still active since its inception in 1984, Rosa Crux is distinguished by extraordinary music and a set of particular scene. Indeed, the group prepares to traditional instruments and machinery that he uses on stage: church chimes, drums drum controller and other machines that might seem to come straight from the studio of Leonardo da Vinci (Horseshoes ).

Inspired by the writings of Antonin Artaud, Rosa Crux concerts are always punctuated with performances running into the audience on the topic of body pain (Dance of the Earth, Man in the Cage) forming in the situation room close those of a sacrifice.

Playing on the duality and the climax, the words sung are not written by the group, but taken from ancient works: liturgical texts and esoteric formulas.

The group claims itself as "Dark Ritual"and recognizes the influences in both the great sacred music and in some groups of the post-punk that addressed the ritual and paganism on stage (Virgin Prunes, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud).
Since 2006, the group signed with German label Trisol.

BAM - Technical innovation.

Olivier Tarabo invented BAM, a Battery Midi Controller, which is currently composed of eight drums and two cymbals and systematically and exclusively accompanies Rosa Crux on stage.
With this invention, they don't need need a drummer, a lively strip by solenoid and managed by a midi program offers a dozen different striking forces and speed that no human is capable of achieving.
BAM has won the "Innovations and Inventions for the Son" prize (Louis Jouvet Trophy at Paris SIEL 2001).


The band lead by its charismatic singer and songwriter Michael Sele conquered the international rock and wave scene by storm. Three remarkable albums have been released so far: DIARY OF A LOST (2007), A STRANGER TO TEARS (2008) und AT THE END OF THE SEA (2010). Likewise in its still young band career it has achieved numerous successes, among which a number 1 hit in the Gothic Global Charts, top ten positions in the German Alternative Charts (DAC)for several weeks, giving acclaimed concerts in England, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and Austria, playing as supporting act for The Smashing Pumpkins at the Hallenstadion in Zurich and performing live at Greenfield festival on main stage with bands like Rammstein, Procupine Tree and other international top acts. In January and February 2011, the band supported the German #1 act Unheilig on their sold-out “Grosse Freiheit Tour II” and performed in the biggest arenas of Germany (Westfalenhalle Dortmund, Lanxess Arena Köln, amongst others). In doing so, The Beauty of Gemina played in front of more than 120’000 people and delighted with their fresh sound and charismatic stage presence. The popularity of the band rapidly grew and a lot of new fans where gained.

AT THE END OF THE SEA combines all the band's strengths. The 13 dense, hypnotic tracks are highly addictive. THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA possess a range of unique elements: the dark, intense and unmistakable voice of Michael Sele impressively hovers over the music conferring the songs an anthem-like complexion, gloomy aggressiveness or emotional depth, according to the relative arrangement. Accompanied by massive, psychedelic guitar walls and orchestral passages, the songs on AT THE END OF THE SEA disclose spherical density and epic brilliance. Between the music styles of dark rock and new wave THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA evidence a feeling for independent melodies, danceable sounds and complex song writing, competing in masterful manner with the international big shots of the genre.

Related artists: Placebo, The Cure, Editors, White Lies, The Sisters of Mercy, Muse, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails.


Michael Sele: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming

David Vetsch: Bass

Mac Vinzens: Drums

Website: www.thebeautyofgemina.com


Videoclip RUMOURS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlWD2ZxIfSc

Videoclip SUICIDE LANDSCAPE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZH_NmKI1WWo



BABYLONIA are back with an amazing new album entitled “MOTEL LA SOLITUDE”, a perfect mix of electronic music, pop and experimenting!
Four years after their earcatching debut album “LATER TONIGHT”, the Italian cult band’s long-awaited second offering “MOTEL LA SOLITUDE” is for the palates of not only those who love Synthpop but also for who likes a good pop song.
At the same time energetic and melancholic, the new album marks a step forward for Babylonia’s music and demonstrates their ability to forge memorable ballads and inspired lyrics in a personal and unique way.
Out in January 2010, Motel La Solitude reveals an introspective side of the band, the fruit of 3 years’ writing and recording and production and mixing at Milan’s Massive Art Studios with sound engineer Marco Barusso (Lacuna Coil, Cradle Of Filth among others).
The resulting sound, refined but raunchy is, in the end, the natural result of constant research and live shows that have taken the band across Europe from Berlin to Prague via Paris and Bratislava as well as Babylonia’s opening act as supporter for cult bands Client, IAMX e Melotron.



Go Flamingo are the Italian authors of an article from the post-punk Anglophile tendencies, their music is very engaging with mixing hypnotic rhythms, harmonies, guitar and singing evocative, GO FLAMINGO! formed in Ferrara in the autumn of 1982 and after a short trial period, they made ??a demo tape welcomed by professionals. The debut record consisted in a case with the three songs included in A White Chance (White Studio Recordings, 1985), a compilation dedicated to the scene of the Emilian city, published in 1984, at the same time the band won the competition "Independent 84" organized by the magazine Making Music .
That victory has allowed the trio to increase the live activity of the valuable package "Go Flamingo!"



Delenda NOIA is an electronic music duo with post-punk/new-wave influences.
The project was born in Reggio Emilia in early 2010 from an idea of Klord and Violara.
Soon arrives the opportunity to collaborate with the indipendent label Disco Dada Records, which realizes Delenda Noia's first album produced by Lorenzo Montana.
The album will be entitled "Boredom Aesthetics" In the meantime the band produces the soundtrack for the video "magic plant " shown during the presentation of the Atelier del Gusto "at the International Centre Malaguzzi - Reggio Children - Reggio Emilia February 23, 2010.
In Summer 2010 their song "Rumba" is selected for a spanish advertising campaign.
In December 2010, Delenda Noia created an exhibition in collaboration with the audiovisual Indian artist Anish Kapoor at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.
On June 4, 2011 DelendaNoia win the contest The Gothic Room and will play Italy for the next Moonlight Festival, Rimini 26/27/28 August.



B e f o r e s t  sono un’altra band della east coast nostrana, di Pesaro per l’esattezza. echochitarre al delay, basso atmosphere, voce calda e cupa allo stesso tempo, sussurrata, presente / assente quanto basta, ritmiche serrate e minimali, tutti e tre in piedi. Piu’ giovani dei giovanissimi, hanno esordito a marzo con il primo vero disco "Cold." per "We Were Never Being Boring".   A colpire dritto al cuore e’ il loro approccio diretto e senza fronzoli, l’educazione, l’urgenza. la consapevolezza che non bastano le prime impressioni o un demo azzeccato e neppure l’hype del momento. Suoneranno al prossimo Moonlight Festival nella location pomeridiana sul molo di Rimini, il Rockisland, Sabato 27 Agosto alle ore 15:00.


Artists who performed in the 2010 edition:



Peter Hook - legendary bass-slinger with two of the most influential bands in British pop music history, Joy Division and New Order – has always been out there on his own somehow, as an artist, an icon and as the architect of his own oblivion.

Peter Hook’s The Light Perform Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” sequentially & in Its entirety To Commemorate the Life of Ian Kevin Curtis.
Three decades after it was first released and on the 30th anniversary of the untimely passing of Ian Kevin Curtis, Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook has decided to commemorate Ian’s life and contribution to modern music with a special concert where Hooky and The Light will perform Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures in entirety for the first time.
The Light will run through the entire album in track order, beginning with “Disorder”, following through with “Insight”, “New Dawn Fades”, “She’s Lost Control” and finishing on “I Remember Nothing. It is also anticipated that other Joy Division classics may be aired at the concert following the performance of the album.
Hooky decided personally on the concert as an apposite way to celebrate Ian’s life and sensitive to the history and drama surrounding the anniversary concert.

Website: www.myspace.com/peterhookneworder


A Certain Ratio are a Post Punk Band formed in 1977 in Manchester, England.
While originally part of the punk rock movement, they soon added funk and dance elements to their sound.
They are sometimes referred to as "post punk funk". The band's name is taken from the lyrics of Brian Eno's song "The True Wheel" (from the album Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)).
The group's longest serving original members are Martin Moscrop (guitar, trumpet) and Jez Kerr (bass, vocals). Another current member, Donald Johnson (drums, vocals), joined after the first drummerless single. Two of their original members have left the band: Simon Topping (left in 1983 for Quando Quango and, later, T-Coy), plus guitarist Peter Terrell, who left in 1982. Keyboardist Andy Connell, who joined in 1982, left to form Swing Out Sister in 1985.
A Certain Ratio's first recording contract was with Factory Records in 1979. They released The Graveyard and The Ballroom only on cassette in 1980. This led them to put out another experimental album; To Each..., released in 1981, was the band's official debut album. With growing popularity and success, the band signed with A&M Records in 1987, and Good Together was released in 1989. The album failed to produce a hit, leading to the band's departure from the label. In the early 1990s, they signed with Rob's Records, owned by New Order manager Rob Gretton.
The band's exploration of rhythm, fusing funk, disco, punk and Latin, has had a resurgence in the last few years and their influence can be heard in bands such as The Rapture and LCD Soundsystem.
In 2002 Soul Jazz Records started a program of reissues of ACR's albums and difficult to find tracks. Further re-issues and a live recording from 1980 have also been made available on the LTM label.
Although the band does not play full time, they continue writing, recording, and performing. A Certain Ratio performed in the U.S. for the first time since 1985 on November 16, 2008, headlining the Part Time Punks Festival at The Echo in Los Angeles, California.
They were managed by Tony Wilson. They are featured in the film 24 Hour Party People where Tony Wilson (played by Steve Coogan) calls them "Joy Division but better dressed." Martin Moscrop was Musical Supervisor of 24 Hour Party People.
Simon Topping appeared on stage with Joy Division—filling in for an indisposed Ian Curtis—at a concert in Bury's Derby Hall on April 8, 1980, which ended in a riot (featured in the Anton Corbijn film Control). This concert took place a few weeks before Curtis' suicide.

Website: acrmcr.wordpress.com - www.myspace.com/acertainratio



Atomizer are Jonny Slut & Fil OK
Atomizer is the band that helped kickstart the London electro scene back in 2002 with their own legendary club night NagNagNag.
They initially set about redefining an underground and avant-garde sound. Since that time, Slut and OK have been jollying along manoeuvres in the synthesised genre of popular dance. Actually, this album’s rather good. Our favourite genre – homo synth pop rules! AM/PJ-P.I.X Sept 2009
Recording with ex-KLF producer Jimmy Cauty in 2003, Atomizer released their debut single HOOKED ON RADIATION on DJ Hell's International DJ Gigolo Records, which featured the Orange Alert remix by the Pet Shop Boys.
Whilst touring the globe, two further Jimmy Cauty produced singles BALL & CHAIN (2004) & UNDERDOG (2005) were released on their own NagNagNag Records, along with ZERO ZERO / NOSTALGIA (2006), before the debut album RUBBER YOUTH in October 2006.
The single I'D PREFER NOT TO / ROT OF THE STARS was released on 7" and download in June 2007, with a video inspired by the 1972 cult British film "Bartleby", based on the existential Herman Melvill short story "Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall-Street" (1853).
The band's next single was the JE SUIS LESBIEN E.P. available on 12" and download throgh iTunes, Beatport, emusic etc, was a homage to Pierre Molinier, a one-time member of the Surrealists cast out by André Breton, whose photo montages of himself and others cross-dressing in S&M couture, shot through a keyhole lens, pioneered the exploration of sexuality outside the norm.
The Orange Alert remix of HOOKED ON RADIATION appeared on the Pet Shop Boys album DISCO 4, which was released in October 2007.
Atomizer remixed the Soft Cell track THE ART OF FALLING APART for the album HEAT, THE REMIXES which came out in 08.
The BADICAL remix of DIRTY NURSE appears on the PUSHIN PLASTIC 'pushfour' E.P. out in October 08.
The Atomizer collaboration with Adriano Canzian - LIPSTICK LIVE appears on his METAMORPHOSIS album, also released in October 08.
Atomizer have also remixed the following artists: My Toys Like Me, Client, Boy George, Readers Wifes ft. Justin Bond, Rubicks, Siobahn Fahey, Kings Have Long Arms, Ape Drape Escape, To My Boy, Headland, Mechanical Cabaret, Specimen, Stazi, Napsugar, Decohere & recently Spanish electro institution Fangoria's LAS WALPURGIS.

Website: www.myspace.com/atomizermusic



Covenant is a band from Sweden whose music comprises a mixture between electropop and electronic dance music. They have been releasing their music since the early 1990s.
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, electronic music and several of its subgenres became a preferred musical style among European underground culture. It gained favor initially within major cities and eventually trickled into the continent's more socially secluded regions. This new wave of music was discovered at different instances by a group of young friends living among the shadows of Helsingborg, a scenic municipality in western Sweden. Eskil Simonsson, Joakim Montelius, and Clas Nachmanson, three teenagers with mutual, youthful curiosities for science, philosophy, and matters of existence, were enthralled by the unique presentation and the emotional content offered through the music, specifically by that of bands such as Kraftwerk, The Human League, and by EBM pioneers Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb.

The friends carried this fascination with them to university life in Lund, a municipality lying approximately 50 kilometres (32 miles) southeast of Helsingborg. In between their academic endeavors and discussions of worldly affairs, they assembled a small recording studio in Nachmanson's bedroom and began to experiment with their own musical compositions. In 1989, the name "Covenant" was selected for the group—a name derived from the unspoken, spiritual bond the trio professes to share.

As Covenant, the three produced their first publicly-released track, "The Replicant", by invitation of Swedish record label Memento Materia. "The Replicant" was released on a compilation album in 1992, and the track thrilled label executives, prompting them to ask for a full album. In 1994, the group compiled enough songs to release the album, which became Dreams of a Cryotank. Dreams was well received by critics and fans alike, and with its success, the boyhood friends decided to take their musical efforts more seriously. They upgraded and added more equipment, relocated their studio, and committed to tour.

In 1995, Covenant performed at a festival in Germany upon the request of Off-Beat Records. The band impressed Off-Beat's attending A&R representative, who signed them to a record deal the following day. Excited by the prospect of broader exposure, the crew eased further away from their educational pursuits and devoted themselves to completing a new album, 1996's Sequencer.

With Sequencer, the band sought to improve upon the weaknesses they found in Dreams by combining sequencing, diverse melodies, and commanding lyrics. It became an instant classic among many observers, some of whom boldly declared it "the best electro album of the decade." [3] It would go on to be re-released a number of times throughout the world and remains a club favorite in many settings.

Later in the year, San Francisco-based record label 21st Circuitry agreed to distribute Covenant's albums in the United States, expanding the band's reach in the process. As results, the group created the Theremin EP in 1997 specifically for an American release and started to accept tour dates throughout the US and Canada.

The trio's third full-length album, Europa, debuted in 1998. Europa carried Covenant's aggressive, often distorted brand of music into the beat-driven realm of synth pop, marking the beginning of a gradual evolution in the band's collective sound. Also in 1998, they sued the Norwegian black metal/Industrial metal band The Kovenant (then known as Covenant) for the rights to the name "Covenant", arguing that they had the name first. The Norwegian band changed their name, relenting and allowing both bands to go on with as few problems as necessary.

Covenant spent 1999 touring, changing record labels, and on the preparation of another album. Off-Beat Records went out of business, and Dependent Records was created by former Off Beat employees. Together with a few selected former Off-Beat acts, Covenant joined Dependent. In addition, Covenant was signed with SubSpace Communications in Sweden, effectively ending their tenure with Memento Materia. Meanwhile, 21st Circuitry Records ceased operations, leading the three to find a new home in America with Metropolis Records (Metropolis had bought the rights to the 21st Circuitry back catalogue). Shortly thereafter, the band's first three albums and the Theremin EP were re-issued in the US under the Metropolis label.

United States of Mind was released in 2000, and with it, Covenant's tendencies strayed further into synth pop. A stand-alone single called Der Leiermann, sung to the tune of the album track Like Tears in Rain, was a version of the German Art song of the same name, sung entirely in German (every other Covenant song has English lyrics). This song originally was a poem from Wilhelm Müller, which has been set to music by Franz Schubert as part of the poem cycle "Die Winterreise".

A live album, Synergy, was released later in the year; it featured tracks from the band's first four albums played in concert. The group continued with 2002's Northern Light, which they portrayed as having a more somber, colder sound in comparison to their earlier offerings. In another transition between labels, the European release of Northern Light was handled by Sony Music's Ka2 division rather than Dependent or Subspace.

While they continue to produce music together, Montelius and Simonsson have since taken up residence in separate countries; Montelius resides in Barcelona, Spain, and Simonsson lives in Berlin, Germany. Nachmanson remains in Helsingborg.

Covenant released its sixth studio album, Skyshaper, in March 2006 to an overall positive reception. The band toured Europe prior to the album's release and now plans to tour the United States beginning in September 2006.

In March 2007, Covenant announced that Nachmanson would not be touring with the band in 2007. His replacement will be Daniel Myer of Haujobb. In an interview[5] with Side-Line magazine Covenant's Joakim Montelius says he is not sure if Clas will still continue with Covenant.

In October 2007, Covenant released the road movie "In Transit" on DVD. It contains material from the world tour undertaken in support of the album "Skyshaper" and documents the band's travels in Europe, North America, South America and across Russia for a period of 18 months. The band confirmed Clas' departure on the DVD documentary.

In 2008 is official Nachmanson's farewell, and in the line-up Daniel Myer is in.

The new album "Modern Ruin" has been published in Spring 2010.

Website: www.covenant.se  www.myspace.com/covenant



Dernière Volonté (Last Will, in English) is the name under which French musician Geoffroy D writes martial music, neoclassical music, dark ambient.
Throughout his early period, Geoffroy tended to write a fusion of martial music and dark ambient. Choosing to focus on atmosphere, rhythm, and historical samples, he left little emphasis to be placed on vocals and melody.
However, with the release of his 2003 effort, Les Blessures De L'Ombre, Geoffroy took a new direction, applying his martial style to verse-chorus song structures and pop melodies.
Geoffroy is featured as a guest artist on the Der Blutharsch album Time is thee enemy!.
The band still plays live now and then, and is active on live shows.

Website: www.myspace.com/dernirevolont



Diaframma is an Italian band, one of the most famous new-wave, dark-wave, Italian acts coming out of Florence during the early ’80s along with Litfiba.
Diaframma’s sound originated from the meeting of punk, new wave and rock.
They reached the status of cult band because of the charismatic leader Federico Fiumani’s statements and fierce lyrics.
Notoriously, Federico Fiumani more than once turned down very lucrative major labels’ deals in order to preserve his artistic independence and maintain Diaframma’s integrity, making him a sort of a hero in the underground Italian scene.

Website: www.diaframma.orgwww.myspace.com/federicofiumani




IANVA (pronounced "ianua" or "ya-noo-ah") was born as the meeting of a group of musicians with different backgrounds united by the common goal to give sense to forgotten words as “passion”, “boldness” and “dignity” and by the will to preserve those few own things of the Italian. Many are the names involved in IANVA: Mercy and Francesco La Rosa – both already known for Malombra, Il Segno Del Comando and Helden Rune, three cult Italian projects with strong roots in old school “dark sound” (in the ‘70s meaning of this term) atmospheres; Stefania T. D'Alterio, ex singer of Wagooba, a peculiar combo inspired by cinematic-rétro atmospheres with a touch of irony, and one of the very few Italian pens interested in weirdness and so called “apocalypse culture”; Azoth, member of Italian top black metal band Spite Extreme Wing (RIP). Last but not least, classical trained musicians Fabio Gremo and Giuseppe Spanò (from prog-rock band Daedalus), Davide La Rosa (who replaced Riccardo Casazza), Fabio Carfagna (already part of Malombra, who replaced Argento) complete the roster. These different paths, are just a little contribution to the IANVA project which is completely devoted to its concept and its musical Italian character, with wide influences form the very first excellent Italian new wave, to the Masters of the Pure Art of Film-score (as Ennio Morricone, Bruno Nicolai, Armando Trovajoli, Franco Micalizzi, Stelvio Cipriani, Guido and Maurizio De Angelis…); keeping always in mind ideal protagonists as Scott Walker and Marc Almond and chansonniers as Fabrizio De Andrè, Piero Ciampi and Jacques Brel. A declaration of love to good old glittery nocturnal ballads of Britain's most decadent glam tradition, and to those totem figures of Italian mainstream as Mina, Gabriella Ferri, Milly, Mia Martini, Milva, Massimo Ranieri and Lucio Battisti. The only concession to “actuality” is some attention to some of the best and most refined representatives of today's folk noir scene WITH NO HIDDEN POLITICAL AGENDA (and far away from most of the pale so called neo-folk bandwagon), which enrich the peculiar mélange of this sound and concept, coming from the past, but cast in the future: ARCHEOFUTURIST.




Born in 2005, JOY/DISASTER is a juggernaut that travelled around Europa (England, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Norvegia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania), summing over one hundred of gigs getting top of billing in various clubs and music festivals. Surrounded by a network of DJs all over the world, JOY/DISASTER's music is broadcasted on local radios, which led to the birth to several fan clubs in Chile, England or Lithuania. Their music is a mixture between unanswerable melodies and powerful rythmic sections, reminding us of musical references such as Editors, Interpol, Placebo or The Cure. JOY/DISASTER is a band mixing Rock and Post Punk music to be heard on three albums (J.D. - 2006/ Paranoia - 2007/ StayGatow - 2010) which takes you beyond melody and which forecast a powerful and devastating turn for 2010.... Joy or Disaster, you'll have to make up your mind!!!

Website: www.myspace.com/joydisaster



The SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK phenomena fronted by the outrageous lead singer MARTIN DEGVILLE took the world by storm in 1986 with the massive worldwide hit ‘Love Missile F-1-11' They went on to have huge chart success with ‘21st Century Boy’,’Sex Bomb Boogie’, ‘Dancerama’ and the Stock, Aitkin and Waterman collaboration ‘Success’.
When Martin left the band in 2003 he started up his own project SPUTNIK2
Meanwhile Martin Degville has surrounded himself again with an extraordinary band and re launched himself into the 21st century.
MARTIN DEGVILLE'S SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK is a combination of high-tek electro rock n roll that truly delivers the glamour and the glitz you would only expect from such a legend.
Not just a show but a unique mind blowing performance you will never forget!

Website: www.myspace.com/martindegvillesiguesiguesputnik - http://sputnik2.com



The story begind in 1978 when 4 teenagers are influenced by the "punk-movement" coming from the UK, so they start a band called "The Bungalows".
Soon they change the name into Red Zebra, do some gigs, play support for The Cure and The Undertones and in 1980 they are in the finals of Belgium's well know rock-rally from the magazine 'Humo'.
There they played 'I can't live in a living room' for the first time in front of an audience, the single became a massive hit, and the band started touring all over Belgium and Holland.
In the early eighties some more singles and albums followed.
The mini album 'Bastogne' is still known as a masterpiece, but 1986 was a difficult time for Belgian bands and Red Zebra split up. Peter Slabbinck starts new bands like 'Boy Wonders', and 'De Lama's'. Geert Maertens and Johan Isselee start a band called 'His royal Fume'.
In 1990 the 3 original members gather together.
They plan some reunion-gigs. It is a massive success and they decide to get back together!
The goal is to write new songs and make new albums. New cd's follow, (Yes, already cd's), and with the album 'Don't put your head in a bucket', they have a new hit album!
30 years have passed, and in 2008, joined by new band members Sam Claeys and Chris Deneve, they record a live album in Leuven. The band is touring again!

Website: www.redzebra.bewww.myspace.com/redzebra1



Though definitly influenced by 80's New Wave, NDW and Punk, SCHWEFELGELB transfer these old cliches into something very new via some razor-sharp progressive sounds. And so, the album title ALT UND NEU (old and new) makes perfect sense.
Though somehow very German, the music nevertheless (or maybe because of this) finds commen ground with people in many other countries. Shows in Madrid, Lissabon, Bruxelles, Warsaw and Glasgow definitly prove this point.
Even colleagues like SHITDISCO remain inpressed by SCHWEFELGELB's excessive live performance:
"The bastard love child of D.A.F and Fad Gadget, with a sound that transports you to the squat party of your dreams. Intense, electric, inspiring.
Schwefelgelb are worthy of god-like adulation. Bow down."
Sid and Eddy bash their keyboards, electro drums and mics with such abandon, you can just feel the anarchistic air wafting thru the clubs.
And with the appearance of ,remote-controlled dancers' Nyx und Hal, this bizarre and wild show blows the roof off any club, definitly. Such energy!
Interestingly enough, behind these extrovert performers lurk two very sensitive artists.
Sid studies electronic composition, while Eddy is a Graphic design student.
The very destinct graphics are also part of SCHWEFELGELB, even Londons "Grafik Magazine" dedicated a feature on it.
ALT UND NEU was recorded in Essen, Germany.

Website: www.schwefelgelb.de - www.myspace.com/schwefelgelb




Being signed by famous Manchester label Factory Records early in 1980 helped Brussels based band The Names to achieve a strong reputation both in Belgium and abroad.
The single "Nightshift" marked the beginning of their collaboration with Martin Hannett, the producer of Joy Division, with whom the band were to record an album ("Swimming") and two more singles ("Calcutta" and "The Astronaut").
The band was formed in late 1977 by Michel Sordinia (vocals and bass) and Marc Deprez (guitar), soon joined by drummer Christophe Den Tandt. Initially called The Passengers, they worked with female singer Isabelle Hanrez and guitarist Robert Franckson before Sordinia, Deprez and Den Tandt (now keyboards) evolved as The Names, with drummer Luc Capelle. "Spectators Of Life", their first single, was released in 1979.
On their Factory, and later Disques du Crépuscule, recordings with Martin Hannett, Capelle played the drums, except for "The Astronaut" where a serious bike accident led him to be replaced by Michel Silverstein. He was back when the band reunited in 1997 to record an album ("Night Vision") under the name Jazz and with Eric Debruyne taking over on bass guitar, Michel Sordinia concentrating on vocals.
The Names recently made their return on stage (with new drummer Laurent Loddewijckx) during a Factory Night event at Plan K, in Brussels, in december of 2007.
A live DVD, "Nightshift", was released in 2008 by LTM. The new studio album, "Monsters Next Door", comes out this April on Str8line Records.

Website: www.myspace.com/thenamesofficialwebsite

Artists who performed in the 2009 edition:


One of the most original and, in terms of frontman Andi Sexgang's longevity, persistent of all the early-'80s British goth bands, the Sex Gang Children came together in early 1981 around a nucleus of Sexgang, bassist Dave Roberts, guitarist Terry MacLeay, and drummer Rob Stroud. All were unknowns, ensuring that the group's name was more fascinating than their membership. A William Burroughs line that had been grafted into a song by Bow Wow Wow, "Sex Gang Children" was promptly co-opted by one Boy George when he bowed out of that band after just two live shows in February 1981 to form his own group. But hopeful of landing a swift record deal, George conceded that Sex Gang Children was not a name that would take them far. He chose Culture Club instead, then gifted the discarded name to Andi.

By early 1982, the Sex Gang Children were regulars at the Clarendon Hotel in Hammersmith, where they recorded their debut album, the cassette-only live album Naked. The Illuminated label moved in for them within weeks of its release; the band's first single, the four-song Beasts EP, was in the stores by August 1982. Days later, however, it was out of them again, after somebody realized they'd not procured the necessary permissions for the Diane Arbus photo on the picture sleeve. With a major lawsuit apparently imminent, the record was briefly withdrawn while the sleeves were removed, but still Beasts reached number eight on the indie chart and hung around the listings for much of the next 12 months.

Even more impressively, the band was attracting attention from further afield, as well. Tony James, midway between playing bass with the now-sundered Generation X and masterminding the nascent Sigue Sigue Sputnik, was sufficiently enamored to produce the Children's next single, October 1982's "Into the Abyss."

Spring 1983 saw Sex Gang Children's sophomore album, Song and Legend, top the independent chart for a fortnight, before spinning off two hit singles, the title track and the tumescent, eerily fiddle-fired "Sebastiane." Of course, the band also starred on The Whip, the now-legendary goth compilation conceived by Dave Roberts, but despite these successes the Sex Gangs quickly discovered that record companies and contracts are not, necessarily, the answer to an artist's prayers. When the band's contract with Illuminated expired in June 1983, any number of major record labels were actively in pursuit of the group. Buoyed by a swaggering confidence that really did seem to be their right, the band turned them all down, convinced that something better was just around the corner. Sadly, it wasn't. They had burned their boats with Illuminated as well, and slowly things began disintegrating.

Rob Stroud was first to depart, simply not turning up to a show. (He later resurfaced in Aemotii Crii.) The band initially replaced him with Steve Harle, before turning to former Theatre of Hate drummer Nigel Preston, and in September 1983, a one-off deal with the independent Clay label brought a new single, "Mauritia Mayer." Added to the stockpile of material cut since the last album -- an impressive bundle that included fresh sessions with Tony James -- it boded well for a new LP. Barely had this lineup settled down, however, than Preston quit to rejoin his old Theatre of Hate mate Billy Duffy in the Cult.

The Cult's own former drummer, Ray Taylor-Smith, promptly replaced him, only to be forced out just months later when, returning to London from their first American tour, the band discovered that the Sierra Leone-born drummer was in the U.K. illegally. He was deported home, at which point Roberts, too, quit the band.

Andi and MacLeay kept the Sex Gang Children alive for a few months more, returning to Illuminated to cut a new single, "Draconian Dream," with a new rhythm section of Cam Campbell and Kevin Matthews. Producer Simon Boswell also remixed "Dieche," the B-side of the old "Into the Abyss" single. This became the A-side and, in July 1984, Sex Gang Children scored their final independent hit.

Unfortunately, it was too late to save the band. They broke up weeks later, with Andi Sexgang promptly salvaging the material bound for their next album as the basis for his own solo debut. Since that time, Sexgang has maintained a profile that is all his own, while the Children, too, have resurfaced on occasion, both to record new material and repackage old. ~ Dave Thompson, All Music Guide

Links: www.sexgangchildren.com www.myspace.com/sexgangchildren


The band formed in Bristol, England during 1980.
Their first show was at a street party celebrating the wedding of The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer. In 1982, the band relocated to Soho, London, where they would play many shows at the infamous club known as The Batcave. Specimen's vocalist Ollie Wisdom founded and ran the club during 1982-1983. Prior to forming Specimen and opening The Batcave, Ollie was the vocalist for another band known as "The Unwanted".
Unlike Specimen, The Unwanted were a traditional '77 / '78 style English garage-core punk band.
Unusual for a keyboardist, Jonny Slut became the face of the band and its most famous member, due largely to his striking image and fashion sense.
While the band were together, they never released a full album, only singles and a mini album, though in 1997 two full-length compilations would be released featuring various Specimen songs.
After the band went its separate ways, guitarist Jon Klein worked with Siouxsie & the Banshees for seven years, before working with Sinéad O'Connor.
He was also in the British 1998 movie comedy Married 2 Malcolm in a non-speaking role.
Johnny Slut formed Diskord Datkord with Mark Tinley and Adam Tinley before going on to work with The KLF, Adamski and is now a member of Atomizer.
He also founded the Nag Nag Nag club in London, where he was one of the house DJs.
Tim Huthert was a bartender at the Mad Dog in the Fog in San Francisco in the United States.
In July 2008 the original 1983 line up got together to perform at the Batcave's 25th Anniversary event in London, resulting in the release of the live album 'Specimen Alive at the Batcave' on Metropolis. The reunion grew directly out of friendships rekindled during the making of 2007s 'Electric Ballroom' album, which featured T.Bias, Kimba, Stephan X, and Tim Huthert, as well as Jon Klein collaborations with Olli Wisdom and Jonny Slut.
In February 2009 Jonny Slut and Jon Klein appeared at the Fashion Institute of Technology (Ney York) for the Symposium 'Subculture and Style' centered around the Exhibition for the book 'Gothic Dark Glamour'by Valery Steele and Jennifer Parks. The exhibition featured one of Jon Klein's 25 year old stage outfits alongside the likes of Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Rick Owens.

Links: http://specimenbatcave.net/ http://www.myspace.com/specimenofficial


Swedish electro-berzerkers Spetsnaz were formed by Pontus Stålberg and Stefan Nilsson in Örebro, Sweden in the autumn of 2001. With the powerful vocals, frenetic pounding bass lines and relentless rhythmic assault, Spetsnaz have the aggression and the melody to be the missing link between the heavy scene and the pop scene.
Being fans of the electro genre for many years, both Pontus and Stefan felt there was an emptiness in the EBM scene. All the classic bands were replaced by newcomers performing a more technofied style called futurepop, and this new-school didnt exactly excite the boys.
Having performed, both together and separately, in different (more or less serious) projects like Octoberland, Lazer Stefanz, Volvo 242 and PAF, Pontus and Stefan decided to form Spetsnaz and give it 100% of their energy.
Inspired by pioneering acts like DAF, Front 242, Die Krupps and Nitzer Ebb, the duo started to work in studio Downstairs and after a few months, the first four track demo was presented to Swedish labels and promoters. At the same time Spetsnaz launched its official website http://www.spetsnaz.se and interest in the band started to grow.
The duos first album "Grand design" - assisted by bass consultant Jouni Ollila (ex Pouppée Fabrikk) and mastered by Grammis winner Andreas Tilliander - was released by SubSpace Communications in April 2003, holding twelve tracks of nothing but fresh old-school EBM.The bands on-stage presence is as intense and energetic as the music with Pontus moving all over the stage, screaming at the top of his lungs, and Stefan fiercely beating his drum pads. The public demand brought Spetsnaz to major cities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and even Mexico (twice!)
Spetsnazs broad touring and refreshing music opened the eyes of Out Of Line (home to e.g. Blutengel and Hocico). The German record label re-issued the debut album worldwide in 2004 with an extended tracklisting and an alternative cover art.
The release of Spetsnazs first EP, "Perfect body" (this time made simultaneously by SubSpace Communications and Out Of Line), followed in the fall of 2004 and entered the ..1 spot on the key alternative charts DAC (Germany), FAC (France) and NAC (Sweden).
Almost a year later, the second EP, "Degenerate ones", came out in a numbered digipak edition, limited to only 1.000 units, to present the directions of Spetsnazs second full length album, "Totalitär" - an immense musical firepower that is bound to take the listener by storm.
Each beat and each note fits tightly in its place, the rhythms lashes out brutally at you and the sequencers seem to be pushing you forward with loud shouts of "Go! Go!".
"Totalitär" is a fireworks display of high-class aggressive dance music, electronic steamhammers overflowing with emotions, tunes to sweat to... Quite simply, "Totalitär" is surging with pure energy.

Link: www.myspace.com/spetsnazebm



Neon is one of the most active band in 80's Italian new wave time, marking Italian rock history.

The band, which was born first as a duo at the end of the 70's in Florence's undeground culture, soon stands out for its Kraftwerk and new wave icons' synth, which made their style a unique 80's cultural dream's specimen, together with newromantic and post punk tought of bands like Joy Division, Ultravox and Human League.

In 1980, the band got off to an electronic start with the single "Information of death", and later, through several line up changes, it achieves to synthetize a mix of obsessive electro sounds, obscure athmospheres and quite original pop melodies which take shapes in later works like "Tapes of darkness" (1981), "Obsession" (1982), "My blues is you" (1983), "Dark Age" (1984); in 1985 "Rituals" sanctioned Neon as the best Italian new wave band of that year.

Excellent studio productions and intense live activities has brought Neon to be one of the few icons belonging to alternative 80's Italian music scene.

In late 2005 a cd box containing Neon's first vynil works has reissued, and it allowed audience to appreciate more and more quartet's emotional fund, innovative power and mainly showed its heritage into the international electro - wave scene.

In 2008 two other cd issues: Oscillator, the first Neon concert back in 1979 in Florence and Memories, the best of Neon 1980-1986.

The band is in activity, live and preparing a new cd album.

Actual line up:

Marcello Michelotti: Vocals, synth

Piero Balleggi: Keyboards, synth, vocals

Leo Martera: Drums, electronic percussions

Nardo Lunardi: Guitars

Links: www.neonfactory.it    www.myspace.com/neonofficial


DIN [A] Tod do not intend to make it easy for potential listeners ... their cryptic band name and symbolism are complicating an easy categorization of the Berlin-based trio. DIN [A] Tod want to confuse, stir up and induce emotions. "Symbols are nothing else than concentrated images", states singer Sven. "All our thoughts are driven by images. The power inherent in these symbols is similar to the one emanating from music: it can invigorate, fascinate and cause upheaval. This is what DIN [A] Tod is all about." The name also fits hand in glove. It is a sort of fusion of system and void.
In case you are now expecting pathetic laments on the condition of the world or a headstrong artsy-fartsy bilge, you can lean back and relax because DIN [A] Tod are none of the above. On their first long player "The Sound of Crash", they gift-wrap their reflections on power and hysteria, the world, the universe and the bloody rest into groovy beats, versatile song structures, somewhere between Minimal Electro, Wave and Electro Clash ... and catchy tunes that have been stripped down to the bare essentials.
Sven and Claudia formed DIN [A] Tod in 2003, bored by vands that follow the usual line up of "guitar/bass/drums." They purchased a solid base of analogue synthesizers, drum sequencers and recording equipment ... and went to work. Musically, they started out by merging the sound of the early Eighties - from Joy Division to the early Sisters of Mercy - with minimalist electronics to create a musical mixture that is just as intriguing as it is catchy. They recorded the first demo in 2004 and started playing concerts. In 2005, the signed to Out of Line Music and released their debut single - fittingly enough on 10" picture vinyl.
They then deliberately took their time for recording the album ,,The Sound of Crash", due for release in late autumn 2007, in order to avoid stylistic repetition and stagnation: the worst enemies of any artist. Phelix, of the group Mercydesign, was integrated as a third band member and DIN [A] Tod started working on the new tracks in Frankfurt and Berlin. Each band member was given total creative freedom and the group experimented a lot with sounds and song structures in order to create a highly versatile album. Claudia also contributed vocals to "The Sound of Crash" and guitars were added to the song arrangements. From catchy Electro Clash tunes like "Carol's Fascination" to complex tracks like "Ephedrine Logic" (a song that the band has been working on for more than a year), the first full album of DIN [A] Tod is a mesmerizing experience that sports a lot of zest and energy. In November 2007, the group heads out on the Out of Line Festival Tour to prove that they can also unleash their unique energy in a live situation. DIN [A] Tod fill a gap in the Electro scene ... as intelligent, synthetic music that also works well in a club environment has become somewhat of a rarity, these days...

In March 2009 their second album "Westwerk" has been released for Out of Line, Berlin, they will present it at the Fano Moonlight Festival for the first time in Italy.

Link: www.myspace.com/dinatod


The Katzenjammer Kabarett used to refer themselves as Death rock Cabaret, but it would be more correct to qualify their music as Baroque Krautpop, for their influences can be found in too many styles, from glamrock to electroclash, from baroque music to new-wave, merely to limit this band to death rock or more widely to Gothic music.
The name Katzenjammer Kabarett is just a name, there is no point in looking further even though we must admit that the Katzenjammer Kabarett members do not mind using the diletante and frivolous aesthetic of several past movements, their compositions, nonetheless, by the means of varied and various collages, is an attempt to reveal in a coherent or almost way, by the use of electronic, pop, jazz, deathrock, or classical music sounds as well as traditional cabaret songs, the peculiar atmosphere one could have probably found in old fashioned Lieder.

To sum up, a considerable part of their work comes from second-hand elements, borrowed from several preceding movements and styles, but whose signs have been systematically changed. Thus, the music composed by Klischee, supported by Herr Katz’s lyrics and Mr Guillotine’s how so necessary pragmatism, creates an alchemy with the carefree Mary Komplikated’s voice and theatrical singing which embodies all the magic, the cynism and the absurdity of that hangover cabaret, which is just a music band like others.

Links: www.katzenjammer-kabarett.com/  www.myspace.com/katzkab


Tying Tiffany lives at the opposite emisphere of the honeyed famous film with which the young lady here shares the name. Her sound is made of strong tones,the ones she’s always loved, since she was travellin’ around Europe as bass player and vocal of underground bands, and performed in rock clubs, social clubs and squat in front of a few dozens of people and she acts in some widely artistic films and theatrical performances .In 2005 she takes time for electronic music including the track “ You Know Me” in the “Full Body workout vol 2” for the prestious Berlin based label Get Physical .. Her debut album ”Undercover” released in 2005 is as strong as a “concept album”,an amazing essence of quotations: Moroder disco rides,wild synth arpeggio, clattering guitar riffs,hardcore and electro rhythmics straight from the 80’s and 90’s live together with Tiffany’s EBM past and with her passion for industrial,dark and punk. Undercover is highly acclaimed from press,public and media and becomes the Italian music phenomenon of 2006. She’s not only a good artist and musician but also an extraordinary performer with over 150 dates in this past year ,seeing her on stage in Italy and Europe with artists and names from the likes of Iggy Pop, Gogol Bordello, Pennywise, Buzzcocks, Stereo Total, The Rapture, Eels, Deus, Tiga, Alec Empire. Her second album “Brain For Breakfast” is due for international release in 2008 on I Scream records, the New York based label leader and home of the american Hardcore Punk.

 Links: www.tyingtiffany.com   www.myspace.com/tyingtiffanyy


Shadow Minds are an electronic music group that formed on Septemebr 9th 2003 in the vicintiy of Husum, Germany. The current lineup consists of Charly (Vocals, Lyrics), Michael Nielsen (Composer, Keyboards), and Timo Winkler (Keyboarder, Mastering, and Webdesign).

Their moving melodic music is a mixture of melancholic, almost hymn like synthie-pop and driving EBM beats. Until the end of 2004 ther first songs like Soon Down, Take Care, Endless Love am 10.28 EM, Seelenschmerz, and Kedija Desert were produced. In 2005 the own-produced Album "Simply Different" was recorded and their first ever Video to the Single "SeelenSchmerz" was released.

In the Summer 2005 they moved to their ne recordstudio and started the preparations and the lineup of the setlist for their first Live appearance at the "New Blood from the Dark Party" on December 12th 2005 in the "Roxy-Music-Hall" in Flensburg, Germany.

In Sommer 2006 their Singer from the oroginal line up Mike had to left the band on his own wish. Timo and Michael however feeled the need to carry on with their creative and expressive way of music. They met Charly a few months later. His striking and moving way of singing and his musical influence made their music more lively and helped them to gain a great standing in their type of music scene.

In early 2008 their first album with charly will be released. To shorten the time until then, they have planed to release three singles. The first one of these three was released on November 3rd, 2006 in the Ela-Club in Schleswig, Germany. "Seelenschmerz Part 2", remixed, editied and sung by Charly, was released as a Special Edition in 2007. The Single contained two remixes by DJ SiRo.

An offer from Sara Noxx to Remix her Single “she” made the experience the field of remixing for the first time. The campaing "Gemeinsam gegen Kindesmißbrauch" was the ignition for the Single "Breath". The trio is still working on their new Album. The released songs from it are to now: "Nemesis", "Say it hard", "Breath" and the newly on their website released Single "Affinity".

Links: www.shadow-minds.de  www.myspace.com/shadowminds


Global Citizen have been quietly emerging as one of the most powerful dark electronic bands in existence with their dark, moody, twisted, sexy and often downright perverse music with striking imagery to match.

Rebco Records (London) snapped them up late in 2007 and their debut album on Rebco, entitled "Master Stroke" was released in 2008 and has been going down a storm with their converts and industry.

Over the last few years the band have also fast been building a reputation as a live act not to miss and their appearance at this years Moonlight Festival is sure to kick start a string of other European performances helping them to conquer these quarters.
These guys really stand out from the rest of the industrial set at the moment by opting for the power of mood and atmosphere and proper song writing instead of relying on the boom boom boom of a kick drum.

Watch out also for their second album "Nil By Mouth" due out later in the year.

Link: www.myspace.com/globalcitizenuk


At the beginning of January 2007 Euthanasie changed name to Gothika just after their first European tour (16 gigs in 10 countries). Gothika which consists of andro (vocalist) and #449 (keyboardist) started to move and pursue a complete electronic sound. In April 2007 they made a Northern Europe tour (9 gigs in 7 countries)
In August 2007 they played at the biggest festival in the Netherlands named Summer Darkness. In September 2007 they released their first full lenght album titled "120 Days of Sodom". At the same time they made their 3rd European tour (16 gigs in 13 countries) especially in Belarus and Russia they played with Das Ich from Germany. In December 2007 they made their 4th European tour. In this tour, at Dark Dance Treffen in Germany they played with Funker Vogt and Diorama.
In 2008 they played in the biggest gothic festival in the world named Wave Gothic Treffen and they became remarkable band of this scene. After that, they played at Kunigunda Lunaria in Lithuania and Summer Darkness in the Netherlands (for 2 years continously), they signed with the German label Danse Macabre Records produced by Bruno of Das Ich. In these 2 years they made 8 European tours and more than 90 gigs.
In 2009 they are planning to release their 2nd full album still with Danse Macabre Records.
They have also collaborated in the past with many foreign artists and their work has been praised by the music medias.

Links: http://antimass.cool.ne.jp/  www.myspace.com/gothikatokyo


My art's name is Ira. In 2006 I decided to spread out all my emotions without band's influences and so my solo project Ira-k Organisation arised. This is an Electro Industrial Project mixed with obscure sounds and melodies! I got my own studio with a pc, a bass, a synth e different musical softwares. I try to express my emotions, my fears, anxiety, phobia and life in this world we live. After one year of composing I started to play live in my hometown in some clubs and after that all around Italy. I never show my face when I perform live and I cover it with a gas mask. Defining and relish my music doesn't lie to me,  just enjoy it.



Christabel Dreams are one of the most interesting bands in the Italian post-punk and gothic wave scene. Their sound who take inspirations from the eighties, has born at the end of 2005 but they start to record their first songs only at the end of 2006 to release them as a demo in the summer of 2007 to the acclaim of many magazines and fanzines. Their songs “Life That Never Was” and “Candlelight” were included in some compilation released in Europe and they acted live opening with such bands as Cinema Strange, Red Zebra and Frozen Autumn. In March 2009 they released their first offficial EP titled "The broken toy".

Link: www.myspace.com/christabeldreams